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Areas of Paris
The Louvre, 1st district Champs Elysees - Triumph Arc, 8th and 16th districts
Madeleine - Opera, 2nd and 9th districts Montparnasse, 14th district
Marais - Republique, 4th, 11th and 12th districts Le Trocadero, 16th district
Latin Quarter, 5th district Montmartre, 18th district
Saint Germain, 6th district Chatelet
Eiffel Tower, 7th and 15th districts The Isle of the City

The Notre Dame Cathedral is located on the Isle of the City (Ile de la Cité). It is a real gothic masterpiece with wonderful stained glass windows with a rosette shape. It is composed of 29 chapels that surround the central nave.
This cathedral is dedicated to the Christ's mother. Built on a sacred site - formerly, there was a temple dedicated to Jupiter there - its great doors are beautiful (the Last Judgement great door ; the Virgin great door ; the Sainte Anne great door).

On the top of the great doors, you could find the Kings Gallerie (Galerie des Rois) composed of 28 statues representing the kings of Judah and Israel.
The Big Gallerie (Grande Galerie) links, with its arcades, the towers of the cathedral which are 69-meter high. The tenor bell of the South tower -that dates from 1631- is more than 13 tons !

The crypt of the square of Notre Dame is one of the most important archaeological crypt in the world !

The gargoyles, designed by Viollet le Duc, represent monsters and fantastic animals.
Cathédrale Notre Dame

The Conciergerie was, formerly, a jail for the defendants who awaited their judgement. Its prison cells, that you could visit, "accommodated" famous people like Marie-Antoinette during the Revolution, Danton and Robespierre.

The New Bridge (Pont Neuf), despite of its name, is the oldest Paris' bridge. It is located between the right and the left bank of the city. You could recognize it thanks to its Henri IV equestrian statue.
Pont Neuf

The Law Courts' entry (Palais de Justice) is characterized by the imposing gate of the May Courtyard (Cour de Mai). Its Room of the Lost Steps (Salle des Pas Perdus) is said to be the Saint Louis' bedroom.

Next to the Law Courts there is the Dauphine Square (Place Dauphine). Built under Henri IV's reign, it was dedicated to the Dauphin (future Louis XIII). This square has a triangular shape and is surrounded by brick buildings.

- The Notre Dame museum (Musée Notre Dame)

- The Adam Mickievicz museum (Musée Adam Mickievicz)
Created for the Pole poet, it houses a collection of Pole works of art, a library dedicated to Poland, some souvenirs of Adam Mickievicz and a room dedicated to Chopin.

- The Memorial of the Martyrs of internment in a concentration camp (Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation)
Created by De Gaulle, it is dedicated to the Frenchmen and women who died in a concentration camp during World War II.

The Holy Chapel (Sainte Chapelle) Built under Saint Louis and constructed by Pierre de Montreuil, it houses the Crown of Thorns (Couronne d'Epines) and a fragment of the Real Cross. It is an important building composed of 2 smaller chapels (one for the King's servants and, the other for the royal family). The stained glass windows represent some scenes of the Old and New Testament.

Other things to see in that area
- The flower and bird market

- The beautiful view of Paris from the lovely Green Beau's Small Public Garden (Square du Vert Galant) - which was the Henry IV's nickname.
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