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Areas of Paris
The Louvre, 1st district Champs Elysees - Triumph Arc, 8th and 16th districts
Madeleine - Opera, 2nd and 9th districts Montparnasse, 14th district
Marais - Republique, 4th, 11th and 12th districts Le Trocadero, 16th district
Latin Quarter, 5th district Montmartre, 18th district
Saint Germain, 6th district Chatelet
Eiffel Tower, 7th and 15th districts The Isle of the City

THE LATIN QUARTER (5th district)
Address : Place du Panthéon - Metro : Cardinal Lemoine (line 10) - RER : Luxembourg (line B)

The Pantheon was built by Louis XV. At the beginning, it was a church dedicated to Sainte Genevieve. Today, this huge building with an imposing dome houses the tombs of great French thinkers (Hugo, Malraux, Rousseau, Voltaire, Zola). It is dedicated to "the great and the good of State" (like Mirabeau, Pierre and Marie Curie) as the Great Men Square (Place des Grands Hommes), which is situated in front of the Pantheon, can vouch it.
The surroundings of the Pantheon are full of convents and colleges.

Address : Boulevard Saint Michel - RER : Luxembourg (line B)

The Luxembourg Garden (Jardins du Luxembourg) is a sumptuous park with statues and beautiful paths where you could see the Medicis' Fountain (Fontaine des Médicis). It is famous for its lovers on public benches ! In the middle of the garden, you could find the Luxembourg Palace (Palais du Luxembourg) (that once belonged to Marie de Medicis). Today, it houses the French Senate.
Formerly, this area was the one of a Roman camp and then, of a convent...
Jardins du Luxembourg

Address : Boulevard Saint Michel - Metro : Saint Michel (line 4)

The area around the Saint Michel Square (Place Saint Michel) is full of charm with its lovely narrow pedestrianized streets with cobblestones. It is also called the Little Athens because of its Greek inheritance.
Saint Michel

The Plants Garden (Jardin des Plantes) is composed of beautiful botanic gardens with its own botanic school. There, you could also find the Natural History Museum and a menagerie !

Address : 47, rue des Ecoles - Metro : Cluny la Sorbonne (line 10)

Thanks to the Sorbonne University (Université de la Sorbonne) -the Paris' university that has an international reputation- the Latin Quarter is described as the centre of learning of the city. At the beginning, it was a school for theology students and, consequently it has its chapel that you could visit and where you could see the tomb of Richelieu.

Address : 6, place Paul Painlevé - Metro : Cluny la Sorbonne (line 10)

The Cluny Museum, built on the ruins of the Thermae of Cluny, is dedicated to the Middle Ages. Formerly, it was a hotel for the abbots and for the papal nuncios.

The Minerals Collection of Jussieux (Collection de Minéraux de Jussieux) : a beautiful collection that will certainly fill you with wonder by its beauty and, that will also allow you to understand the evolution of the Earth.

Address : Place Saint Sulpice - Metro : Saint Sulpice (line 4)

The Saint Sulpice church is an imposing church composed of 3 levels where, frequently, you could hear organ concerts. It has a beautiful Angels chapel decorated by Eugène Delacroix. On the square located in front of the church, you could admire the famous Visconti's fountain : the Fountain of the Four Bishops (Fontaine des Quatre Evêques).

The Saint Etienne du Mont church (église Saint Etienne du Mont)
Address : Place Saint Geneviève - Metro : Cardinal Lemoine (line 10)

It still has a beautiful rood screen and, that is rare.

Saint Séverin church (Eglise Saint Séverin)
Address : 1, rue des Prêtres Saint Séverin - Metro : Saint Michel (line 4)

It is a surprising mix of Romanesque and Gothic style built on the site of a chapel burnt by the Norsemen.

The Mosque of Paris (Mosquée de Paris)
Address : 2, bis place du puits de l'Ermite - Metro : Place Monge / Jussieu / Censier (line 7)

D'un style hispano-mauresque, elle est composée d'un patio entouré de galeries; d'une bibliothèqye; d'un centre d'enseignement; d'un hammam, d'un restaurant et, d'un café où vous pourrez déguster un délicieux thé à la menthe.

The Valley of Grace church (église du Val de Grâce)
Address : 1, place A. Laveran - RER : Port Royal (line B)

Formerly, there was no building there and you could meet the Benedictines of the "Deep Valley" -also called the Valley of Grace- walking around. Then, for the birth of Louis XIV, Anne of Austria built a church on the square. Today it is a military hospital.

Other things to see in that area
- The Mouffetard Street (Rue Mouffetard) : it is the oldest street of Paris.

- The Observatory Fountain (Fontaine de l'Observatoire) : it represents the 4 parts of the world with a sphere on its top.

- The modern building that houses the Arab's World Institute (Institut du Monde Arabe) (that allows better cultural exchanges between Arabic countries and France) with its charming restaurant that overlooks Notre Dame on the 7th floor. It is also composed of a library and a museum about the Muslim civilization.

- The College of France (Le Collège de France) that was formerly the Royal College of France - Collège Royal de France.

- The Salpêtrière Hospital (Hôpital de la Salpêtrière) : old powder factory and arsenal transformed by Louis XIV into a general hospital for the Poors.

- Moreover, the Latin Quarter is full of identity with a rich past. Indeed, it "hides" beautiful Roman and Medieval monuments.
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