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Areas of Paris
The Louvre, 1st district Champs Elysees - Triumph Arc, 8th and 16th districts
Madeleine - Opera, 2nd and 9th districts Montparnasse, 14th district
Marais - Republique, 4th, 11th and 12th districts Le Trocadero, 16th district
Latin Quarter, 5th district Montmartre, 18th district
Saint Germain, 6th district Chatelet
Eiffel Tower, 7th and 15th districts The Isle of the City

TOUR EIFFEL (7th and 15th districts)
Address : Champ de Mars - Metro : Bir Hakeim (line 6)
RER : Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel (line C)

Built in 1887 by Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the most representative symbol of Paris. Indeed, with its 7000 tons, its 300-meter high and, its 1652 steps this Parisian monument is worldwide known. At its top, you could enjoy a wonderful view of the city with the Champ de Mars under your feet...
     Tour Eiffel

Address : Avenue de Tourville - Metro : Latour Maubourg (line 8) / Varenne (line 13)

The Invalides were built in 1670 by Louis XIV - the Sun King - as a home for wounded veterans. Initially, the Golden Dome at the top of the Saint Louis des Invalides church was a monument to the glory of Louis XIV. Today, it houses the tomb of Napoleon (his ashes were brought there 19 years after his death).
The Invalides are surrounded by lovely gardens with some bronze cannons.
Les Invalides

Address : 1, place Joffre - Metro : Ecole Militaire (line 8)

The Military School (or, Royal Military School) was founded in 1751 by Louis XV helped by Madame de Pompadour. The building is composed of a central house with 2 wings, a main courtyard and a chapel.
NapolÚon Bonaparte was a student there in 1784.

Address : 77, rue de Varenne - Metro : Varenne (line 13)

The Rodin Museum features the works of the sculptor Auguste Rodin as the one called "The Thinker". The museum is housed by the hotel Biron where Rodin once lived, worked and ended his life. The gardens that surround it are dotted with bronze statues.

Address : H˘tel des Invalides - Metro : Latour Maubourg (line 8) / Varenne (line 13)

The Army Museum, that is part of the Invalides, is one of the most comprehensive museum of military history in the world with military information starting from the Stone Age to World War II !
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